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Donna F. Lloyd

We were planning a budget vacation, and we did not take any taxi services into account. But we saw the advert on Around Bulgaria services on the Internet, and we were interested to learn more about their conditions. Luckily, they proved to be more than affordable, and an hour later we booked a transfer with a manager and a meeting at the airport. They met us on time, and we were pleasantly surprised by the hospitality of the driver who was obliging and answered all our questions. The car was comfortable, the service was a pleasure, and most importantly, we did not have to ask and find our way on our own; we were transferred to the hotel quickly and for a budget price!

Shawn J. King

I was pleased with the service. They met me on time, with my name plate, and invited me into a comfortable and clean car. The driver helped me to carry and load my travel bags into the car. It was my first trip to this country, and naturally I had a lot of questions; the driver politely answered all of them, and he also told me about local traditions. I liked the service, everything was well organized, in a businesslike manner. One more thing that impressed me, they gave me a discount on the return transfer.

Tilde Krogh

Initially we were planning a budget vacation, and we did not want to use local unauthorized drivers in Varna. But we found the site of PoBolgarii on the web, we filled out the form and contacted the manager, then we booked a transfer, all of these in an hour or so. We were surprised by the price. Taxi drivers in Saint Petersburg charge much higher rates for the same distance. But despite the low rate, the quality of the service was great. We could even surf the web during the ride, and we liked the car too.

Kaily Waninge

I am always cautious towards local taxi drivers when I am traveling, and that was why I was so happy when I found a taxi service with foreign language speaking drivers in Bulgaria. On the whole, my impressions are wonderful. There is another great advantage I liked – you can book a taxi on the Internet, the operator rings you back, and you do not have to pay for roaming.

Jaxon Melba

At first we intended to come to Bulgaria not only because of the sea, we also wanted to learn about the history and customs of the country straight from the horse’s mouth. Before that we had traveled a lot to the Carpathians, around Romania and Hungary, and that was why we were especially curious to learn more about Bulgarian history and traditions. Around Bulgaria organized a memorable excursion for us. We never thought that a person can spend just one single day learning such a lot of interesting things. We toured almost the whole country, and we found some new things of interest in any place. Our guide Natalia was simply a genius. And the driver told us jokes that helped us to unwind with laughter. In a nutshell, we loved the service.

Ethan Fuller

I was pleased with the service. They met me on time, the car was clean. The driver helped me carry and load my suitcases.
We were here for the first time, so we asked lots of questions. The driver told us a lot about local life and details of vacations. The service is a great value for money. We were given a discount on the return transfer.

Inga, 30 years, Moscow, Russia

My first ever attempt at booking a transfer on the web proved to be exceptionally suitable: Around Bulgaria.
The company really serviced us according to all their promises and conditions, which is a very rare thing nowadays. I was traveling with my daughter. The driver met us with an obliging smile in the arrivals lounge of the airport, helped us to carry the baggage, and then drove us to the hotel in comfort. The music playing in the car was unwinding, and the passenger compartment was crisp clean. We even managed to have a nap after the tiring flight. Another great plus: the driver did not bother us, he did not try to sell us anything, either. When we were in front of the hotel, he just offered a business card with details on taxi and excursion services.

Klaudia Jasińska

I often visit Bulgaria on business (I am in the tourist business), and I always use the services of Around Bulgaria.
Compared to local taxi services, their service is just great. The costs are low, the service is excellent, and there is even Internet in the cars, the drivers are polite. The company drivers never let me down about the timing, the rates I paid were according to the meter, there was never excess payment for “long distance”, or “long wait”. I recommend them to my partners and to my clients. I can offer my best recommendations!