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What to Visit in Plovdiv?

Plovdiv – one of the treasures, nestled in the heart of Bulgaria. This beautiful city is one of the oldest continuously inhabited in Europe, combining rich history, interesting culture and architectural wonders. By blending ancient heritage with vibrant and modern atmosphere, Plovdiv has become one…

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7 Facts You Should Know When Visiting the Seven Rila Lakes

Bulgaria’s natural beauty is one of the main reasons why so many people visit this astonishing country every year. The pristine lakes, the breath-taking landscapes and the stunning mountains – all of which are absolutely amazing. 7 Rila Lakes are one of these places that…

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The City Center of Sofia – Valuable Places to Visit

Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, it one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Located at the foothills of Vitosha Mountain, it offers not only amazing architecture and a lot of places to visit, but also a way out to the nature, where you can…

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Things To Do and Places To Visit Around/Near Sofia

Sofia is not just a vibrant city in Bulgaria – it is actually much more, it is an amazing getaway that gives you the chance to experience the beauty of the nature, the cultural wonders and interesting foods. Maybe that’s the reason why the capital…

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What to Visit in Major Bulgarian cities

Bulgaria is a country of enchanting landscapes, interesting culture and rich history that offers an unforgettable journey for every traveller. From people that prefer to enjoy astonishing architecture and tasty food to adrenaline lovers that want to see breath taking views, to feel the nature…

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Weather in Bulgaria – Guide for Tourists

Bulgaria is a hidden gem of the Balkan that offers astonishing landscapes, rich history and amazing culture. That’s why it is also an attractive destination for tourists from all around the globe, especially Europe. If you are also planning to visit Bulgaria, then you should…

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Travel with Your Dog in Bulgaria – Mission Possible

Travelling with your furry friend may be both exciting and exhausting experience. But we understand you – you can’t leave your best friend at home! Bulgaria is an attractive destination for tourists thanks to the amazing landscapes, the rich history and affordable prices. But what…

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bulgarian-aqaaparks -splash-of-funny-moments-by-the-seaside

Bulgarian Aquaparks – Splash of Funny Moments by the Seaside

The stunning coastline of Bulgaria undoubtably offers golden beaches and interesting historic towns, but it also offers some pretty nice places to have fun, such as aquaparks. They are a favourite destination of tourists and locals, which makes them essential part of every summer vacation….

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Airport transfers Sofia to Borovets – why choose a private taxi

Borovets – undoubtedly one of the most popular Bulgarian destinations, especially in winter. It is a beautiful place – it is offering astonishing landscapes, luxurious hotels, tasty food and a great skiing experience. Thousands of tourists visit Borovets every year, and if you are one…

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Sofia daily tours – choose the best one for you

Sofia – the capital city of Bulgaria, is definitely one of the most beautiful places you can visit in the country. It promises a mix of astonishing architecture, nature just around the corner, amazing landscapes and, last but not least – tasty food. But this…

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Which Bulgarian Wineries To Visit

Did you know that there are many beautiful Bulgarian wineries you can visit if you are located in this amazing country? There are small family wineries located in cosy villages, and there are also large wine-producing regions where you can taste a huge variety of…

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Day Trips from Sofia – what you can see

Sofia is the capital city of Bulgaria, and surely one of the most amazing locations in Europe. But there is a lot more to it … Bulgaria is a country, full of beautiful landmarks, astonishing hidden gems and tasty food. And if you have come…

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How to hire a driver – benefits of a private taxi

We all live in a fast-paced world, and that’s why time is essential. It does not matter if you are a busy businessman, a traveler or a person that just wants to chill and enjoy his holiday – the idea of having a personal driver…

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Food prices in Bulgaria

The food prices in Bulgaria have changed significantly since 2019, when this article was originally wrote. Current (March 2023) prices are way above average, and people’s confusion is growing. There are several food price trackers, I highly recommend taking a look: https://www.foodprice.bg/ https://mysupermarket.bg/ The following…

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Mobile operators in Bulgaria

Mobile Operators in Bulgaria

Mobile connectivity (GSM and 4G) in Bulgaria is robust and well-developed, with three primary mobile service providers: Vivacom, A1, and Yettel. These operators offer an array of comparable services, allowing users to choose based on personal preferences. European SIM cards typically function seamlessly in Bulgaria,…

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How to get to Borovets from Sofia

Borovets lies at an altitude of 1,300 metres, in the northern part of the Rila mountain. The highest point on the resort’s territory is at an altitude of 2,560 metres. Borovets offers excellent conditions both for winter and for summer recreation for tourists and for…

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Preparation for a trip to Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a short distance away from some European countries, and somewhat farther away from other countries. No matter where you are travelling from, you must allot time for preparation. In order to spare yourself unpleasant situations, it is worth learning about the country and…

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What you need to take to Bulgaria

What to put into your suitcase (carry-on, backpack) is a decision that you will take on your own, depending on the type of holiday you are going on and on your life style. Bulgaria is a European country, and if you have forgotten any essentials,…

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Bulgarian Public Transport Guide

Getting around Bulgaria is typically hassle-free. Here’s a quick guide to Bulgarian transportation. In a nutshell, Bulgaria has four primary airports, an extensive railway network, and numerous city and intercity bus lines. If you’re heading to a location not served by public transport, taxis are…

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Budget holidays in Bulgaria: Secrets of seasoned travellers to follow

How to economize in Bulgaria You should not associate holidays abroad with having to shell out a fortune. You can always find budget options of accommodation, and prepare for your trip in such a way as to spend a reasonable amount on it. All you…

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Budget plane tickets to Bulgaria

How to get budget plane tickets to Bulgaria? It is simplest to get to the country by air transport. ? The flight from an European country is a matter of hours. Flying is not only much faster, but it is frequently more reasonable than taking…

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Cost of holiday accommodation in Bulgaria

Staying in multi star hotels is wonderful, but if you are on a limited budget, and you cannot afford such a stay, that is not a reason why you should give up your holiday plans. In Bulgaria there are many other options of accommodation for…

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Tips on car rental in Bulgaria

What will renting a car contribute to your holiday? You will not depend on public transport schedules, on taxis, you will feel free to head for any destination in the country at any time, as soon as you feel like visiting it. How to rent…

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Medical services for tourists in Bulgaria

No one plans to get ill while on holiday, and most tourists buy insurance only to avoid problems when getting a visa to Bulgaria. However, no one is spared unexpected occurrences, so some tourists have to use their tourist insurance. That is why we would…

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How to get to Burgas from Sofia

In this article we will answer the above question in detail. And you can use the information you have gained from it to get back from Burgas to Sofia. From Sofia to Burgas via bus The simplest and the most affordable way of reaching Burgas…

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How to get from Sofia to Bansko

Bansko is one of the three largest skiing resorts of Bulgaria. This picturesque town lies 170 km away from Sofia. On this page you will get the essentials of all manners of reaching Bansko from Sofia and getting back from Bansko to Sofia. Sofia to…

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how-to reach-rila-monastery-from-sofia

How to reach Rila Monastery from Sofia

A great idea that will help you escape from the noisy city is a trip to the holy Rila Monastery. It is just an hour and a half away from the capital, and will offer you heaps of peace and calmness that we all need…

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How to reach Velingrad from Sofia

Velingrad is picturesquely located in south Bulgaria, in the western part of the Chepino hollow, on the border between the Rhodopes and the Rila mountain. The population of this small town is about 25,000. The climate of Velingrad is balmy, that is one of the…

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How to reach Varna from Sofia

The trip from Sofia to Varna and back can turn into a real trial if you start organizing it at the last moment. Below we will describe the diverse options you can use to reach Varna from Sofia. Which options for reaching Varna from Sofia…

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How to reach Pamporovo from Sofia and Sofia from Pamporovo

The resort of Pamporovo lies in the Rhodope mountains, 1,650 m above sea level, at the foot of the Snezhanka peak. It also lies in the territory of the Smolyan and Chepelare municipality, 220 km away from Sofia, 80 km to the east of Plovdiv,…

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How to reach Plovdiv from Sofia

Plovdiv is one of the most ancient and most beautiful cities of Bulgaria, and it is a must to visit it. It lies not far from the Trakia motorway (А1) which links it to the capital. The Sofia – Plovdiv distance is just 145 km….

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