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Burgas – Elenite Transfer TAXI

eleniteusedThe easiest way to get from Burgas to Elenite is to book a taxi from Around Bulgaria. The private transfer Burgas Airport – Elenite will save you money from renting a car, navigating on the local roads, thinking about parking and everything else.

Other reasons to book a transfer from Around Bulgaria:

  • Passenger insurance
  • Fixed price, no additional payments
  • Holidays and weekends
  • Free baby seats
  • Free waiting when the flight is delayed
  • Flexible payment options


From: To: Distance: > 4 pers. > 5 pers. > 8 pers.
Burgas Airport Elenite 39 km €55 €70 €95
Burgas Elenite 46 km €55 €70 €95

Distance: 46 km | Driving time: 40 min | Cities passing: Aheloy, Pomorie

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    Details About Elenite

    Elenite is rightly considered the most romantic resort in Bulgaria, for a truly vast host of reasons! There it is great to bask in the sun and plunge into the balmy sea, or lie in a hammock by the bungalow and dream away, with gaze directed towards the cerulean blue sky. There is cleanliness around everywhere, crisp mountain air, filled with the scent wafting from thousands of trees.

    Elenite’s auspicious surroundings are ample reasons for choice by newlyweds who prefer Elenite for their honeymoons. The resort is also salubrious for people with bronchial diseases, as the air itself is considered healing. To preserve the priestliness of nature, in Elenite there are practically no high-rise hotels. Instead, tourists are accommodated in 2- or 3-story villas and cozy bungalows. Both the hotels and the villas in the resort operate on the “all inclusive” principle.