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Best Christmas Markets to Visit in Bulgaria

Christmas is coming! And if you are traveling to Bulgaria, oh, lucky you! The holiday season in this beautiful country, located in the heart of Europe, is absolutely amazing! Everything is looking festive, people are in a great mood, the food is as always super tasty, and the best part is that there are many amazing Christmas markets to visit!

So, if you have decided to spend Christmas in Bulgaria this year, you are in the right place, as we are about to share with you the ultimate best locations that are absolutely worth visiting. Believe us, you will love them!

Winter and December in Bulgaria

We are going to be completely honest with you… Sofia is not the most festive country you can visit, but believe us, the atmosphere and the Christmas markets are absolutely worth it. Especially this year, when the country has decided to jump into the holiday spirit as much as possible, offering more than amazing locations you can visit.

Furthermore, the best part is that in Bulgaria it snows almost every December, and this makes the Christmas mood better than ever. If you want to see a snowy Christmas market with all the lights, the warm wine, the tasty food – Bulgaria is the place you want to visit.

Be prepared with warm clothes, as the weather may get pretty cold during winter, and also be prepared to have a lot of fun!

Christmas Markets in Sofia

Who doesn’t enjoy a glass of mulled wine and the Christmas markets? This colder time of year we have a lot of choices to enjoy and we love them all. Purchasing presents, and getting a charge out of delectable food varieties and beverages, while paying attention to Christmas music – what’s not to cherish, huh?

Sofia Christmas Fest

We looove this novel though! It is arranged in the recreation area before the National Palace Of Culture. It’s a spot for theater exhibitions, carnival exhibitions, shows, winter ranchers’ business sectors and substantially more. It’s available to guests consistently from November seventeenth until December seventeenth. On work days it opens at 12PM. on weekends, at 11 a.m. It is not the most impressive one, but it is pretty fun and you can enjoy many tasty dishes.

The Deutscher Weihnachtsmarkt Sofia

This was the first and for a long time the main Christmas market in the city. It could sound peculiar, yet Christmas markets weren’t important for the Bulgarian Christmas custom up until the last 10 years. It’s been going on for a very long time and it is now essential for the practice.

Normally, it is likewise the most notable place for getting away in Sofia. It can be found in the City Garden, which is directly in front of the National Theatre. It welcomes adults and children with a variety of food and drink stalls, a workshop, a photo booth, and a stage with a variety of activities, including children’s theater performances, Santa Claus visits, and well-known Bulgarian pop and jazz singers in the evening. It will be open from November 17 to December 22 in 2023. It will be open to you every day from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Even on our daily free walking tours, we pass by it.

Slaveykov Square Christmas Market

Another excellent location in the center. One of our favorites last year was this brand-new Christmas market in the heart of Sofia. With its novel choice of food and drinks and magnificent fun live exhibitions, this gives us a more adult Christmas vibe. In 2023 it will open on the first of December and run for the rest of the month! Get bubbly!

Rakia and Spirits Christmas Fest

We’re on the Balkans all things considered and no colder time of year is finished without Bulgaria’s public beverage – Rakia.

Rakia and Spirits Fest 2023 assembles makers from around the Balkans. During the celebration you will actually want to attempt in excess of 300 sorts of rakia and other soul drinks. You can also take some of your favorite rakia home with you. Get into the holiday spirit in traditional Balkan attire!

Christmas Market in Park Vazrazhdane

This market will open on December 9 and remain open until December 28. It will include a nativity scene, a photo booth with Santa Claus, a lot of handmade crafts to help you find the perfect gifts, pavilions for food and drinks, and more. Again – an interesting place to visit, especially if you want to enjoy the Christmas mood.

Christmas Markets in Other Cities

If you want to see more of Bulgaria during Christmas, we have good news. You can visit many other amazing Christmas markets and enjoy the festive mood, the absolutely amazing cuisine, and buy some nice decorations.

The Christmas Market in Plovdiv

In the center of one of the oldest cities in Bulgaria, you can find a German Christmas Market – a place that is surely worth visiting! The market is absolutely amazing, there is a huge Christmas tree, great festive mood, many tasty dishes, mulled wine, hot chocolate, and of course – a scene where children play and local singers sing.

The Christmas Market in Veliko Tarnovo

Veliko Tarnovo is one amazing city especially during Christmas. Do not expect much snow, but expect amazing Christmas markets and the best Christmas spirit! The park of Marno Pole is becoming a festive hub during December, and you can see wooden shacks with decorations, tasty dishes, mulled wine and anything else you can have in mind.

For the little ones there is a mailbox where they can send their letter to Santa Claus. Sounds cute, right?

The Christmas Market in Varna

If you want to enjoy the Christmas mood near the seaside, then Varna is waiting for you! The Christmas market is not that big, but it offers all you can think of – there is a place with wine and hot chocolate, there are wooden houses where you can eat sweets or something else. And the best part is that there are many interesting free events which you can visit if you want.

How to Travel in Bulgaria?

And now comes the main question – how to travel in Bulgaria? Well, you have three main options – to get a private driver, to use a bus, or a train. Bus is not that bad of a decision, but the main problem is that you will not have your privacy, and you will need transport to get from Sofia Airport to the bus station, then transport from the city you arrived at to the hotel, etc.

Train is a pretty cheap option, but it takes a lot of time, and it is not pretty. So, the best option you have is to take advantage of a personal driver with Around Bulgaria. We will provide for you the best car depending on your needs, company and luggage. We will take you from the airport, and then take you to the exact location you need to be. No need to worry, no need to walk with your bags, all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy your journey.