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Tour of Europe – Why Include Bulgaria?

Planning a tour of Europe provides countless opportunities to discover diverse cultures, stories and natural beauty, so yes, it is always a good idea!  Among the choice of destinations, Bulgaria stands out as the pearl of the Balkans that deserves your special attention, believe us!

Bulgaria, with its rich cultural and historical heritage, diverse nature and welcoming local people, provides an amazing opportunity for tourists to experience something unique, something unforgettable. By including Bulgaria in your European tour, you will  discover treasures that are part of the rich past and exotic nature of this small but amazing country in the heart of Europe.

In this article, we will discuss why including Bulgaria in your European tour can enrich your trip and provide you with a unique experience, so let’s not waste more time and jump into today’s topic!

Incredibly Authentic Country

Bulgaria is an incredibly authentic country that is surely worth visiting. It is one of these beautiful locations where you can enjoy churches, old towns, monasteries, thousands of years old fortresses, modern cities and much more.

Furthermore, the country is popular with its authentic folklore rites, as Bulgaria has a rich cultural heritage. You can enjoy folklore music which is extremely beautiful and known for its healing abilities, you can watch or join cultural singing and dances, which are in fact considered to be the 8th wonder of the world.

Amazing Country Full of Unseen Natural Beauties

Yes, Bulgaria may not be the biggest country, but it is actually full of unseen natural beauties. Basically – you can enjoy amazing views and nature wonders on every step you make. Did you know that there are 6000 hot mineral water springs in Bulgaria? This puts it in second place after Iceland…

Did you know that there are over 7000 fortresses dating back to more than 3500 years? And last but not least, Bulgaria is the third richest country when it comes to historical and cultural heritage of human importance after Italy and Greece.

So, yes, you have a lot of amazing things to see!

If you want to enjoy Bulgaria’s nature, here are a few places you must visit:

  • The Rhodope Mountains – The Rhodope Mountains, the mountain of Orpheus, provide unparalleled natural beauty. From a Bulgarian mushroom farm with numerous species of vegetation to the traditional Rhodope village of Shiroka Luka, each place reveals uniqueness and abundant biodiversity. And nature, the landscapes… oh, they are amazing!
  • Rila Monastery – The UNESCO-listed Rila Monastery combines religious spirituality with stunning architecture and iconography. This ancient complex is a unique part of Bulgaria’s cultural heritage.

Delicious Traditional Food

One of the main reasons why visiting Bulgaria is absolutely worth it is the delicious food. Oh, believe us – you will love it! At a traditional Bulgarian restaurant, a three course meal will cost you around 10-15 EUR, which is great! The quality of the food is always high, and if you are located in a small city or village, you will most likely be eating home-made bio food.

Natural, rich in taste – Bulgarians’ food will always stay in your heart and head! You have to try different soups, you should try their homemade bread, the traditional Shopska salad, the amazing Moussaka, the skara, and of course – the desserts.

Bulgarian cuisine is a reflection of the country’s rich history and culture. Sample a banitsa and a shops salad in authentic restaurants. The wine regions of Melnik and Karlovo offer the opportunity to taste national wines and memorable gastronomic experiences.

Great Cities to Visit and Experience

Another reason why visiting Bulgaria is a ‘must’ when going on a trip around Europe, are the amazing cities you can visit.

Sofia – Cultural Enrichment in the Capital of Bulgaria

Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, is overflowing with historical artifacts and architectural gems. St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is a symbol of the Bulgarian Orthodox faith, and St. Sophia, the ancient church after which the city takes its name, offers an opportunity to soak up the medieval era – amazing, right?

Next, in Sofia, you can visit a lot of interesting buildings and museums, such as the museum of Illusions, the National Bulgarian Museum, the NDK, and much more. If you prefer to enjoy the nature – Vitosha mountain is there, and you need a 10 minute ride to jump into the nature of Bulgaria.

When it comes to events, festivals and tasty food – Sofia has a lot to offer. Interesting events are happening all the time, and all restaurants, especially in the city center are worth the visit, believe us!

Plovdiv – European Capital of Culture for 2019

Plovdiv, renowned for its long history and outstanding architecture, is one of the European Capitals of Culture in 2019. It is a beautiful city located in Bulgaria, which you will surely love. Again the architecture is unforgettable and takes you back to history, especially if you go for a walk in the Old Town.

If you want to try tasty Bulgarian dishes – all the restaurants on the main shopping street are waiting for you. What if you want to see the city from above? Absolutely possible thanks to the hills!

Veliko Tarnovo – the Capital of Medieval Bulgaria

Veliko Tarnovo, with its historic fortress Tsarevets, is a living encyclopedia of the Bulgarian Middle Ages. When visiting this city you can worship the memory of the past and enjoy the views of the Yantra River.

The food at Veliko Tarnovo is also amazing, but the whole experience is given thanks to the amazing nature, the amazing old buildings and the whole historical feeling you have there. It is a city that is absolutely worth visiting so don’t skip it!

Beautiful Seaside for Every Sea Lover

  • Varna and Burgas – Varna and Burgas are the two biggest cities located near the beautiful seaside of Bulgaria. You can visit them if you want to enjoy the vibrant life of the city, combined with the beauty of the sea and the golden beaches .
  • Golden Sands – The Bulgarian Black Sea coast is famous for its white beaches and clear waters. Golden Sands offers not only fine hotels and spa pleasures, but also a wide assortment of water attractions designed for the whole family. You can also check Albena, it is near and the beaches there are absolutely amazing!
  • Nessebar – One of the oldest towns in Europe, Nessebar is like a walk-around museum. You will see amazing places, buildings and medieval churches, while being in the middle of the sea. Unforeseen experience!

The People and the Agencies

Bulgarians are known for their amazing hospitality! By adding Bulgaria to your tour around Europe, you have a place where you are about to feel at home. The people will greet you as they see a loved person that hasn’t been home for a long period of time. They will cook you homemade food, will guide you during your stay, and even though some of them don’t speak English – they will do their best to find a way of communicating with you.

If you want the best trip without the language barrier, then you should trust a travel company specializing in tourism, such as Around Bulgaria. Our guides are always available to help you plan the best time in this magnificent country, to stay right by you and translate every little detail so you can get the best experience, and to ensure the comfort and safety of your journey .

Traveling in Bulgaria – what you should know?

And now, if you have made the right choice and you have decided to include Bulgaria in your tour of Europe, you are in the right place. When it comes to traveling in this beautiful country – you have different options – renting a car, using a bus or a train, and choosing the services of a private driver.

Using a bus or a train may be cheaper, but it will be a little difficult for you, especially if you don’t know Bulgarian. And it will take a lot of time, as trains and buses in Bulgaria are not very fast. If you decide to rent a car – good, but be prepared to spend a lot of money, and also to guide yourself around the country.

Your probably best option is choosing the services of a private driver, services we from Around Bulgaria offer. We will provide the best car for you that fits your needs (luggage, animals, number of people traveling). We will get you from the Sofia airport and take you to any location you want to visit. All you need to do is sit back and relax, while our professional driver is taking care of everything else.

Bulgaria, with its diverse culture, history and nature, is a true treasure at the heart of the Balkans. Including this amazing destination in your European tour will provide you with a unique experience and priceless memories that you will always keep. Whether you’re a history buff, a nature lover, or just looking for new and exciting adventures, Bulgaria has something unique for everyone.

And to have the best experience – don’t hesitate to call us!