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Christmas Season in Bulgaria – What You Should Not Miss?

The Christmas season in Bulgaria is something different – it is a real magic enlivening every corner of the country. From Christmas markets and ski resorts to beautiful mountains and Christmas decorations, Bulgaria offers an unique and unforgettable experience during the festive season.

It is not surprising that so many people want to visit Bulgaria in winter – the magic is real, and there is also snow! A lot of snow! Even though just going around the major cities feels amazing, there are a few essential things you should now miss if you visit this beautiful country in the heart of Europe during the festive season. Let us uncover some of them for you…

Christmas Markets – The Magic of Shopping Squares and The Christmas Mood

Bulgarian cities turn into real Christmas treasures in December. Christmas markets with unique offerings – from handmade decorations and gifts to hot drinks and home-made treats – are spread across the squares. Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna are famous for their cozy Christmas markets, where visitors can soak up the Christmas atmosphere and discover the most original gifts – amazing, right?

In Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria, you will have the chance to enjoy the amazing Christmas Market near the National Theatre – one of the best Christmas places you can visit in Europe. You can enjoy both traditional Bulgarian and German dishes, while enjoying the Christmas mood and the nice lights. In Plovdiv, the antique theater becomes a square for Christmas miracles, while Varna offers a unique sea carol at the harbor with panoramic views of the Black Sea.

And all this is so worth visiting!

Ski Resorts – Snowy Peaks and Adrenaline Descents you will love

For winter sports enthusiasts, Bulgaria offers an abundance of ski resorts. Rila and Pirin are home to some of the best ski and snowboard slopes in the region, where you can either learn how to ski, or jump into a whole new journey of skiing in this amazing nature. With numerous mineral springs, these resorts are not only snowy skiing paradises, but also ideal places to relax in mineral pools after a day of adrenaline-fuelled downhill skiing.

Rila rises with its majestic peak and offers a variety of slopes for every age and skill level. Downhill skiing in the Pirin Mountains becomes not only a challenge but also an opportunity to enjoy fascinating mountain landscapes. Mineral springs, such as those in Bansko, add luxury and recovery after an active day of skiing or snowboarding.

And all these beautiful locations offer pretty nice hotels where you can relax while eating traditional Bulgarian food, and while you enjoy yourself to the maximum. Believe us – every person who visits this winter haven will always keep it in his heart. Some of the best places you can visit if you want to ski or enjoy beautiful nature in winter are Bansko, Velingrad, Dolna Banya, etc.

Beautiful Mountains – Fabulous Landscapes and Legendary Stories

The Rhodope Mountains and the Rila Mountains become real Christmas treasures – looks like a picture you are looking at in Instagram! Wrapped in the white curtain of snow, they offer unique opportunities for winter adventures which you can enjoy, and believe us – you will love it. Hiking enthusiasts can enjoy fabulous landscapes and encounter local customs and traditions along the way.

In the Rhodope Mountains, the mountains of Orpheus and Eurydice, Christmas traditions combine with the mysterious atmosphere of Rhodope villages. Visitors can feel the unique warmth of Christmas customs and follow the traces of legendary characters. The Rila Monastery, a World Heritage Site, combines spirituality and history with stunning views of the snow-capped peaks – oh, it is so worth it to be there during the festive season!

Christmas Decoration – The Magic of City Lights

Bulgaria’s big cities are also turning into Christmas kingdoms full with the magic of city lights – so beautiful!

Lightning decorations, festive lights and creative Christmas installations make Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna even more magical during the festive season. The cities become the center of attention where people gather to share the joy of the Christmas holidays and the magic is in the air!

Sofia, the capital city with a rich history, is transformed into a glowing fairy tale during the Christmas holidays. The central city boulevard Vitosha is illuminated by thousands of LED lights and Christmas decorations that create a magical atmospheric lighting. Some of the most famous buildings and squares, such as the National Palace of Culture and Alexander Nevsky Square, are transformed into real light shows.

In Plovdiv, one of the oldest cities in the world, Kapana, the modern cultural part of the city, brings people together with unique Christmas events. Art galleries, restaurants and cafes turn into huge art installations that convey the spirit of the festive season. East of downtown, the Plovdiv Fortress now looks like a fairy-tale castle from afar, illuminated by fireworks.

Varna, located by the Black Sea, combines seaside glitter with Christmas illuminations. The harbor turns into a Christmas stage where visitors can enjoy musical concerts and folklore performances. The city comes alive with light games on the facades of the buildings as the sea waves merge with the Christmas lights, creating a unique atmosphere.

How to get from Sofia to Any Other Location in Bulgaria?

And now let’s uncover the answer to the main question – how to get from Sofia to any other location in Bulgaria? Well – you have some options though. You can either use a bus, a train, or a private driver.

Using a bus is cheap, but it will take you a lot of time to go from one location to another, and you will also need a ride from Sofia airport to the bus station. If you go for a train – not so good, as you will have to travel a lot of time, it will be very cheap, but still – you will have to spend a lot of time traveling.

And here comes your best option – using the service of a private driver with Around Bulgaria. We will provide you with a personal driver with the perfect car for you and the people you are traveling with. Our driver will take you from the airport – all you need to do is sit and relax, while enjoying the beauty of Bulgaria. We will take you to the exact location you need to be and our driver will stay with you until you need that!

The Christmas season in Bulgaria is not just a time of year – it is a unique experience that combines tradition, nature and Christmas magic. From the hot drinks at Christmas markets to the snow-covered slopes of ski resorts, Bulgaria provides a full-fledged Christmas wonderland not to be missed. Whether you’re a fan of adrenaline-fuelled downhill skiing or a fan of relaxed walks in the fairytale mountains, the Christmas season in Bulgaria promises unforgettable moments and joy for every taste. And don’t forget to get the most of your travel with the service of a private driver with Around Bulgaria.