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The City Center of Sofia – Valuable Places to Visit

Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, it one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Located at the foothills of Vitosha Mountain, it offers not only amazing architecture and a lot of places to visit, but also a way out to the nature, where you can see hundreds of breath-taking landscapes.

It is not a surprise that Sofia is so attractive for tourists – it offers one unforgettable experience for everyone. If you are also planning to visit this beautiful city – let us share with you some valuable places to visit on your trip. All you need is a taxi from Sofia Airport to Center, which Around Bulgaria can get you, and then you  can enjoy some of the best locations in the city.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral – Faith and Architecture

When visiting Sofia, you surely can not miss to visit the absolutely amazing Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. Many people see it as the heart of Bulgarian Orthodoxy, and believe us – it is one of the most beautiful churches you can see in Europe. It combines astonishing architecture and spirituality in one.

The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral was completed back in 1912, which makes the stunning gold-plated domes and intricate mosaics even more unique. They reflect both the Byzantine and Russian architectural influences, and this gives Alexander Nevsky Cathedral even greater historical significance. So – one of the first places to visit from Sofia Airport to Center is surely this cultural and religious heritage of Bulgaria.

Sofia’s Public Mineral Baths – Relax and Culture

If you want to find the perfect mix of relaxation and culture, then you should visit the Sofia’s Public Mineral Baths, which are located in the city centre. They were built back in the early 20th century, and are a blend of Neo-Renaissance and Neo-Byzantine style. Once they used to be a place for therapeutic treatment, but not, they are a cultural monument.

Visiting Sofia’s Public Mineral Baths is a ‘must’ if you want to go back to Bulgaria’s past, while enjoying the perfect atmosphere for relaxation. The rich mineral waters are both enlightening and refreshing, and worth visiting. Can you even imagine? Mineral waters in the middle of the city centre – amazing, right?

National Palace of Culture – Creativity and Entertainment

The National Palace of Culture, popular as NDK, is one of the biggest multifunctional complexes in the Southeastern part of Europe. This is a vibrant place that expresses creativity, art and entertainment. NDK is located in the city centre of Sofia, and is surely a ‘must-visit’.

The interesting architectural building is a host of many events, including exhibitions, conferences and concerts. It has different spaces inside that include both galleries, theatres and big halls for specific events. If you are in the city centre of Sofia – you can’t miss the National Palace of Culture. It is a pretty big marvel, offering great experiences to its visitors. Furthermore – in front of the building you can enjoy yourself in a pretty nice park, go get some drinks, or enjoy the beautiful landscape of Vitosha Mountain.

Vitosha Boulevard – shopping, food and more

Vitosha Boulevard is a bustling pedestrian street that is exactly in the heart of the city center. It is a great place for people that want to check some nice shops, to buy clothes, souvenirs, or just to drink a nice coffee and have a tasty meal.

The whole street is lined with shops, restaurants and coffees, offering a delightful blend of international and local flavours. Yes – you can find both Bulgarian and international cuisine, but we would strongly advise you to go for the traditional dishes in order to enjoy the atmosphere to the fullest.

Ivan Vazov National Theatre – Artistic Excellence

If you are a fan of art, then Ivan Vazov National Theatre may be the best place for you to visit in Sofia. It was established back in 1904 and since then it has been a stage for countless dramatic performances, ballets, and operas.

So – if you want to enjoy beautiful Bulgarian performance, you can visit the Ivan Vazov National Theatre. Keep in mind that it is also worth it because of the amazing architecture and the Bulgaria’s artistic heritage.

Serdika Complex – History Beneath you

Serdika Complex is the best place in Sofia city centre you can visit if you want to go back into the history of Bulgaria. It is a prime example of historical layering that involves unearthing ancient ruins. Serdika Complex is archaeological site that lies beneath the centre of Sofia.

You can walk through the preserved streets and structures and get some insight and feeling about the past of this beautiful city. We would surely strongly advise you to visit Serdika Complex if you want to jump into history for a bit.

The city center of Sofia is a the perfect mix of history, culture, and architecture. From the grand Alexander Nevsky Cathedral to Vitosha Boulevard’s bustling energy, each worthwhile destination adds to the city’s identity and allure. The rich mix of custom and innovation makes a climate that welcomes investigation, touches off interest, and has an enduring impact on all who adventure into its roads. As you explore through the core of Sofia – you’ll find that each corner holds a story ready to be found, making the excursion through this metropolitan desert spring a really enhancing experience.

Sofia Airport to Center – the best way to get there

If you want to know the best way to get from Sofia Airport to Centre of the city – again, you are on the right place. Of course – you can take a bus or subway, but we would strongly advise you to go for the best option you have – private taxi.

With Around Bulgaria you can get your private taxi fully suitable for your needs, such as travelling with company, with children, with pets. Furthermore – we would take you from Sofia Airport to Centre and all you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the beauty of Sofia. Our drivers will help you with anything you need, including some personal insights about the other best places to visit in the capital city of Bulgaria.