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What you need to take to Bulgaria

What to put into your suitcase (carry-on, backpack) is a decision that you will take on your own, depending on the type of holiday you are going on and on your life style.

Bulgaria is a European country, and if you have forgotten any essentials, you will easily find the necessary items in shops. On the other hand, it would not be OK to waste your time shopping during your holiday, so better be certain to take all the needed items with you.

So which are the indispensable items to take with you to Bulgaria?


Что взять с собой в Болгарию - документы It goes without saying that you cannot enter Bulgaria without a passport. Another document you should not forget to take is your medical insurance. Let us hope you will hardly need it, but in the event that it becomes necessary, it would be great to have it with you.

We strongly recommend that you should make a couple of copies of the first page of your passport and of the medical insurance. If you lose the originals, the copies will be extremely helpful and will help to replace them.

You should also make a copy of your hotel booking document, just in case.

No trip nowadays can be undertaken without bank cards and cash. The best currency to choose for the cash is Euro, because the exchange rate for the Bulgarian currency is tied to that European currency, and it is always stable.

Apparel and shoes

Одежда и обувь для путешествия в Болгарию It is very hot in Bulgarian seaside resorts in the summer, so it is a must to take light and airy apparel. But you should also take a long sleeved blouse or shirt, to protect yourself from the sun, because getting sunburnt in the Land of Roses is easy.

In the evenings it can be cool even at the resorts on the south coast. A windbreaker jacket will come in handy during trips on yachts, and also during excursions to open spaces with a lot of wind, such as Kaliakra cape.

For excursions, especially trips to old towns and villages with cobblestoned streets, you will need comfortable shoes. In general, the quality of roads in many resorts is not on the highest level, so be certain to pack shoes without heels.


Что взять с собой в Болгарию - лекарства You can find all the essential medications in Bulgarian pharmacies. But if you regularly take medications, better do not risk, bring the necessary amounts with you. In most Bulgarian pharmacies they insist on your showing the prescription and without them you will not get any more serious medications than paracetamol.

Things are easier in small pharmacies in resorts, they may not ask you for the prescription, and yet it is not worth taking the risk. Anyway, if a critical situation arises, you had better have your medications at your fingertips and not have to rush to the nearest pharmacy.

In the summer, rotavirus infections are frequent along the coast, so you should pack some medications for diarrhea. Another medication type which you cannot do without while on holiday are those for treating fever, burns. Plasters will be useful if you cut yourself. That is the shortest list that you can complement, depending on your health status and your complaints and diseases.

On the beach

Что взять на пляж You can buy sun protection products after you arrive in the country. But you should remember that near the beach such products are typically sold at prices three times the ones in shops. So you should bring sun protection cream or lotion with you, at least for the first few days. And if you insist on using a specific brand, better buy the whole series in your country prior to the trip.

In Bulgaria beaches are covered with soft fine sand, and you can be comfortable lying on it, not on a chaise lounge, you simply need to spread the beach towel. Buy a beach towel in your country prior to the holiday, or get one in Bulgaria, they are sold in many places, near beaches and in open air markets.


Что взять с собой - техника If you have planned excursions to beautiful Bulgarian cities, you will need a camera to document your experiences. By the way, some tourists manage to take quite good quality photos using their smartphones.

There are some items that are a must to take from your country: these are the chargers for your smartphone, your camera, your e-reader, your tablet … In short, the chargers for all the electronic devices you have brought on the trip.