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Winter Resorts in Bulgaria – short overview

Located in the heart of the Balkans, Bulgaria is a country that is surely worth visiting. It offers absolutely amazing landscapes, rich culture, interesting traditions and last but not least – magnificent mountains.

At the point when winter covers this beautiful country, these mountains become a heaven for winter sports lovers from around the world. Bulgaria’s colder time of year resorts offer an ideal mix of snowy experience and warm hospitality – oh, it is the best experience. But which are the best winter resorts in Bulgaria? Which are the best places to visit if you want a winter heaven with a cozy warm house? So, let us share you more about the best winter resorts in the heart of Balkans.

Bansko: Winer Heaven in the Pirin Mountains

Bansko, Bulgaria’s most popular winter resorts, is situated at the foot of the Pirin Mountains, an UNESCO World Legacy site. Oh – it is absolutely beautiful place, especially in winter, seems like a Christmas heaven. This beguiling town is known for its all around protected archaic old town, energetic climate, and, obviously, great skiing open doors.

Bansko’s ski region is one of the biggest in Eastern Europe. It offers a variety of runs that are suitable for different levers – no matter if you are a beginner or advanced in skiing – you will find the best place for you there. The retreat is equipped  with current ski offices and gondolas, guaranteeing a consistent encounter.

Following a functioning day on the slants, investigate Bansko’s noteworthy old town. Its cobbled streets full fixed with traditional restaurants where you can relish Bulgarian cooking and warm up with a glass of pondered wine. Promise – great experience that will warm not only your body, but also your heart.

Borovets: One of the First Winter Resorts

Borovets is Bulgaria’s first winter resort, one of the oldest and most popular ones. It is settled in the Rila Mountains, just an hour’s drive from the capital, Sofia, so getting there is pretty simple. Its closeness to the city settles on it a well-known decision for the two local people and global visitors.

Borovets is known for its very much kept up with ski runs, magnificent ski schools, and an assortment of winter sports and exercises. From skiing and snowboarding to snowshoeing and late evening skiing – the hotel has something for everybody. The energetic aprés-ski scene, with bars and eateries, adds a hint of energy to your nights. You will surely love Borovets.

Pamporovo: The Warm Mountain Wonderland

Pamporovo is located in the Rhodope Mountains – one of the most beautiful mountains in Europe. With its pleasant environmental factors, including old woods and peaceful lakes – Pamporovo offers a great winter wonderland.

The retreat is great for families and begnners, with a scope of delicate slants and superb ski schools. Pamporovo is renowned for its radiant climate, making it a lively objective for winter occasions. Other than skiing and snowboarding, you can investigate the colder time of year wonderland on snowshoes or by taking a pony drawn sled ride.

Pamporovo’s comfortable hotels and restaurants give a warm and inviting air following a day of outside experiences. The close by town of Shiroka Laka is an extraordinary spot to encounter Bulgarian fables and customs.

Vitosha Mountain: Urban Winter Retreat

Vitosha Mountain – just near the capital city of Sofia, offers a remarkable mix of metropolitan comfort and natural magnificence. This makes it one of the most visited winter resorts in Bulgaria by Bulgarians, but also by foreign visitors. If you are not feeling like you want to travel a lot to get to a resort – then Vitosha is pretty welcoming option. Keep in mind that you will probably have to stay in a hotel in Sofia, which has its advantages.

Vitosha is known for its closeness to the capital, allowing you to join a city break with a day on the slopes. The mountain offers an assortment of ski runs reasonable for various levels, and the lift framework is advanced. Snowshoeing and climbing are additionally famous exercises in Vitosha, and the public park is home to some fantastic stone developments, similar to the notorious Boyana Church.

Maliovitsa: Hidden Gem in the Mountain

For the more courageous winter explorers and mountain lovers – Maliovitsa is an unlikely treasure in the Rila Mountains that is surely worth visiting. This is certainly not a conventional winter resort with prepared ski inclines however a sanctuary for those looking for the excitement of high and boondocks skiing. So – if you are going to Maliovitsa, please make sure that you want to visit such a place, not a luxury hotel.

Maliovitsa offers probably the best open doors for ski visiting and mountaineering in Bulgaria, for people that want to explore and to feel adrenaline. The notable Maliovitsa Peak, encompassed by profound snow, is a heaven for the people who look for the excitement of off-piste skiing. While not quite so open as conventional ski resorts, the dazzling view and the feeling of experience make Maliovitsa a sought-after objective for winter sports devotees. Yes – this is one absolutely amazing place, a hidden gem in the mountain, which is great for explores and people that want to jump into a real journey.

Chepelare: A Gateway to the Rhodope Mountains

Settled in the Rhodope Mountains – Chepelare is a charming little town known for its welcoming air and brilliant ski conditions. It’s the ideal place for a colder time of year get away from in a more laid-back setting. It is not that luxury, but more of a traditional resort where you can enjoy Bulgarian’s culture and the beauty of the nature.

Chepelare offers ski runs reasonable for all levels, including a biathlon track and a snow park for free-form devotees. The hotel’s ski school is very much respected, making it an incredible spot for novices to get familiar with everything.

In the evenings, you can experience traditional Bulgarian walks, taste amazing Bulgarian dishes and drink a warm wine in a cozy bar.Chepelare is likewise known for its nearness to the delightful “Devil’s Throat” cave, a characteristic marvel in the Rhodope Mountains. But be prepared for the cold weather in winter!

How to get to the winter resorts from Sofia Airport?

If you are wondering how to get to the winter resorts from Sofia Airport, we are here to give you some options. First – you can take a bus or a train, but it will take you a lot of time, and in cold weather – it will not be a pleasant experience. Furthermore – you will have to take a taxi from the airport to the bus station, then a bus, etc.

Your best option is to hire a personal driver with Around Bulgaria. Why? Firstly – you will be taken with a personal car from the airport. Secondly – the car will be specifically chosen for your own needs – if you need a lot of baggage space, we will provide it. If you are travelling with a group of friends – we will come with a luxury bus. If you have your furry friend with you – again, we will get you the best drive.

With personal driver at Around Bulgaria, all you need to do is to sit back and relax, while we take you to the exact location you need to be.

Bulgaria’s winter resorts offer a different cluster of encounters, from exciting ski rushes to quiet mountain getaways. Whether you’re a perfectly prepared skier, a newbie, or somebody who essentially cherishes the colder time of year wonderland, there’s a Bulgarian winter resort that will warm up your heart. Bulgaria is one of the most beautiful countries in winter, so it is surely worth visiting it.

In this way, while arranging your colder time of year escape, think about these charming retreats and objections. Bulgaria’s colder time of year wonderland is ready to be investigated, offering an ideal blend of experience, unwinding, and regular magnificence. Whether you’re attracted to the advanced hotels or the unlikely treasures in the mountains – Bulgaria’s winter resorts will make esteemed recollections of blanketed experiences and warm friendliness.