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Istanbul to Sofia Taxi or Transfer

Sofia-mini4Please learn about more perks which make it worthwhile to use taxi services with Around Bulgaria

  • Excellent rates, return transfers discounts
  • You can pay us in local money, or in preferred foreign currency
  • Spacious vehicles, cars and minibuses
  • Only private transfers
  • Flexible payment options
  • English speaking drivers


From: To: Distance: < 1-4 pers. < 4-5 pers. < 8 + pers.
Istanbul Sofia 584 km 430 € 490 € 530 €

Distance: 626 км | Driving time: 5 h 50 min | Cities passing passing through: Edirne, Haskovo, Pazardzik

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    About Sofia

    Sofia, the country’s capital, is also its largest city. It is pleasantly surrounded by mountains rising in verdant splendor. The highest mountain invites with a huge natural park. It can be reached by chairlift. At the beginning of the mountain slope is the National Museum of History. It is a wealthy trove of artifacts, including unique Thracian treasures abounding in a host of gold and silver items.

    By the museum is located the St Panteleimon Church with unique ancient murals. In the center of Sofia is the famous memorial church named after Alexander Nevsky. The monument of the Russian tsar and liberator Alexander the Second in the central square is a worthy landmark. The St Nicholas Church was built as homage to Russian soldiers from the liberation army who brought Bulgaria liberty from Ottoman domination.